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car insurance singapore

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We do not cover personal items that are stolen from your vehicle. We will advise you in writing of the method of settlement. CIVIC SIR 3M Delivery Man CR-V 2.2 Jockey 75 Driving instructors requiring business use, You can select your level of cover according to your needs, The higher the excess you choose to pay, the lower the premium (only for Comprehensive). Baggage Porter Transport Allowance 24-hour Emergency Mobile Accident Response Service (MARS). Armed Forces (Combat) VEZEL 1.5 HYBRID Waiter/Waitress What happens if I wrongly declare who the main driver is (the person who uses the car most frequently)? What information do I need before I can buy my car insurance policy? 5% Offence Free Discount (OFD) will be granted automatically if NCD is 30% and above, Loss of Use Benefits of S$100 per day up to 10 days (selected plans). My Workshop/ My Authorised Distributor Workshop. Driver (Construction Equipment) Car Loan Protection Here are a number of ways you can cut costs on your premium. Despite being new to the industry, they have managed to become one of the most decorated insurance providers in Singapore, bagging recognition from different award-giving bodies. Just like your vehicle, you deserve the rights to tailor your policy with our Optional Benefits so you pay only for what you want. the person who uses the car most frequently)? Sign up for a car insurance online now and enjoy a choice of Free Car Maintenance Services on top 25% discount. 49 Campaign Period: The campaign period is from 24 th August 2020 to 28 th August 2020 (both dates inclusive). Do I have to install both front and rear cameras to enjoy your car camera discount? Fitness Instructor Is my car insurance policy covered by the Policy Owners' Protection scheme? Car insurance is compulsory in order for you to drive a motor vehicle in Singapore. Is Sentosa covered if I opt for your 'Singapore Only' coverage? 2013 A reason for people to choose the “any workshop” scheme is because they have a certain car make which can only be fixed in designated workshops. Free cover for the legal liability of passengers. Fiat Artist Baker Kindly contact Insurance Market Pte Ltd and we can arrange it for you. Managing Director Firstly, there may be an increase in claims for your car make and model, which will lead to higher premiums. Insight 1.0 Singapore's first truly customised car insurance with 7 core plans. 64 Currently, we don't have any tie-ups with any agent/dealer. Zoo Keeper Do I qualify for DirectAsia's car insurance? Remisier Not only do we take care of you, your car is also important to us. Craftsman Goldsmith 1 Architect (Landscape) FR-V 2.0 SE 70 CIVIC EXI 1.5 COUPE My car is under finance, what type of insurance plan can I purchase? Author If you have been a named driver on someone else's insurance, you are not entitled to any NCD. The Etiqa Car Insurance features include: Learn more about Different Etiqa Car Insurance Plans. Engineer (Chemical) Principal (School) Hairstylist Don’t only check price, but also coverage. Call us immediately to arrange the car to be towed. Please note that if you’re entitled to 50% NCD upon renewing your policy with us, and should you decide to switch to an alternative insurer, the NCD Protector is not transferable. Enjoy 24-hour referral services for road and medical assistance if you are travelling in West Malaysia. FIT 1.3 BI FUEL If you have not made any claims for a year or more, you are entitled to a No-Claim Discount (NCD). Their licence should also not have been suspended or cancelled in the last 5 years.Authorised drivers (for Flexible) are people that you give permission to use your car. City 1.5 The key features of Sompo Car Insurance are, Learn about different Sompo Car Insurance  plans. The BOLA is designed to speed up claims processing. From the cheapest policy to the best insurance coverage for your motor vehicle, find a wide range of car insurance policies to suit your different needs at Seedly Reviews. Do I need to do anything if there's an accident and I settle a dispute amicably between myself and a third party? What type of car insurance plans do DirectAsia provide? Traffic Police Toyota Get a copy of the police report and call us to lodge a claim on In Singapore 6532 1818 or +65 6603 3699 (Overseas/Emergency). What if my car stalls or is damaged in a flood? HRV 2.0 Infiniti Hyundai Aside from some of the cheapest car and motor insurance plans available in Singapore, our service also come with a range of benefits: I was able to save $400, and the best thing is I don't need to do the comparison myself. Legal Liability of Passengers for Acts of Negligence. Check out for excess for unnamed drivers and whether you can use any workshop or an only insurer authorized workshop. Construction Worker Beautician What if someone has been injured in my car accident? How much can I insure my car accessories for? Call In Singapore 6532 1818 or +65 6603 3699 (Overseas/Emergency). Life Guard How does it work? If you are a PHV (Private Hire Vehicle) driver, you can also insure the high excess from less than $4.00 a day. Yes. 2 To an extent. This is explicitly stressed, and forms the basis of the contract which the customer enters into. Own Damage Excess will be halved if you choose to repair your vehicle at any of our HL Assurance Approved Workshops. Chambermaid It is a compulsory requirement to have car insurance in Singapore. Cleaner (Indoor) Blog / Car. 31 2011 2016 You only need to name young and/ or inexperienced drivers on your policy and you can name up to 2 people. If you do not fully and faithfully tell us everything you know or could reasonably be expected to know that is relevant to our decision to give you the insurance, you may receive no benefit from your policy or we may cancel your policy and treat it as never having existed. Private Investigator Construction (Foreman/Supervisor) You need to submit the claim to us first for assessment before going ahead with the new car purchase. Ssangyong These are: You can easily make changes to your personal details 24/7. Alfa Romeo Both MSIG and Sompo do online claims for Car. ; You can, however, still have your vehicle repaired even when the cost is more than the economic repair value. If you have a little patience we can get you even more quotes just leave your name and number and we will reply with more quotes within a working day. 77 The BOLA is designed to speed up claims processing. Subaru 2009 Your NCD will not be affected. Please check your email account. Can I buy a policy from you if I purchase a brand new car? Teacher (Physical Education) ; If your car is damaged in an arson attack, report it to the police so that they can investigate and find the culprit. Currently, we provide online quotes from MSIG, Sompo, Etiqa, Liberty and Hong Leong. We usually factor COE in with the market value of the car. Is there any condition upon taking up my car camera discount? 37 CIVIC SIR 4M We do not allow a change of plan in the middle of the policy. Unemployed Electrician For example, if you sell your vehicle and buy another one, you will retain your NCD. Sole Proprietor Civic 2.0 Diver The policyholder should be the registered owner of the vehicle – we cannot insure you if you are not the owner of the car. 78 If you need us all you have to do is call +65 6333 2222. Your car insurance premium is based on a number of factors including driver profile which looks at your age, driving experience, No Claim Discount and the number of young and/or inexperienced drivers named on your policy. When can I receive my refund upon my insurance policy cancellation? Because of this, their main promotion is a bit different than other insurers'. CR-Z 1.5 Give your car a good treatment to maximize efficiency. Overall very happy with my experience. CIVIC 1.6 COUPE Tour Guide (Overseas) Broker (Insurance) Economist Diplomat Since we are a broker we sell Car Insurance Plans from 10 Insurers. As a fully licensed insurance company registered by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, we are a member of the PPF Scheme. Also if you want to buy insurance for your private car you can check online car insurance quotes . Civic Hybrid 1.5 GRACE 1.5 3 years Geely STEPWAGON 2.0 If you decide you'd like to purchase you can make payment and print your policy documents straight away. 40 , registered in Excess also called deductible is to the first amount of the claim, which the insured has the bear. Civic 1.6 9 years In all other cases, your NCD may be affected. Get a free car insurance quote from us today. 29 Buy comprehensive car insurance for your vehicle from Singapore’s leading insurance provider. However, should a hit-and-run situation occur or a government vehicle/property, foreign vehicle, or pedestrian/cyclist be involved, you need to report this to the police. STEPWAGON 1.5 Civic Hybrid 1.3 The main driver is the person that uses the car most frequently – they must be aged 70 years old and below, with at least 2 years' valid driving licence. Dentist Authorised drivers (for Value Plus) are people that you give permission to use your car. Volvo Some insurance companies’ policies only allow you to travel up to certain towns in Malaysia, which others allow you to go all the way up to the border to Thailand. You may still be entitled to a No Claim Discount even if you have made a claim, provided you are not liable for the accident and that you have been insured with us for the past 12 months. However, if you choose to use our HL Assurance Approved Workshop for repairs, you can be assured that genuine manufacturers’ parts will be used and it comes with a full 9-month repair warranty. MOBILLO 1.3 Telephone Operator FR-V 2.2 SE We make our policies in such a way that you pay only for what you need. Cabin Crew (Air) 48 Perodua In any case, we will help you make a report of the accident when you call us. Young and/or inexperienced drivers are aged below 30 and/or with less than 2 years' valid driving licence. Also, repair cost for motor vehicles continues to increase therefore impacting insurance premiums. For those who wish to extend beyond basic coverage to include losses due to fire and theft. Credit card installment applicable for selected Bank. I've been a named driver on someone else's insurance, can I still get a NCD? Pilot Car Motorcycle Travel News About Us Save More Singapore Disclaimer Get a Quote. Elysion 2.4 Make a police report in the place the accident or loss occurred and do so within 24 hours. Get the best car insurance quote in Singapore today. (Note: This only applies to our Comprehensive plan). 44 My NCD went up by 10% and I have had no claims in the past year. Or you have had your policy terminated in the last 3 years we cannot insure you. claim(s) in the last 3 years We will dispatch Mobile Accident Response Service (MARS), who will attempt to repair your vehicle at the roadside. 45 If nobody is injured and you settle the dispute with the other driver amicably, then there's usually no need for police involvement. Damage to someone's property in a car accident, Legal costs & expenses following a car accident, If you crash into something besides a car, If there is non-crash damages to your car. Some insurers allow you to add additional named drivers at no extra cost. Postman Therefore, your current insurer might not be able to give you the best premium. We underwrite and price on the information we receive. AIRWAVE 1.5 If you are in or near the burning car, get far away from it quickly. Read more, Your Certificate of Merit (COM) from the Traffic Police entitles you to an offence free discount over and above your. Complete and send us a copy of the Private Settlement form when you're reporting the claim. Is my COE covered under the insurance policy? you don't require a passport, it is covered. Odyssey 2.0 You could also be disqualified for holding or obtaining a driving license for a period of 12 months. Some car insurance companies may allow you to buy protection against the loss of the discount. 2007 This site uses Sectigo SSL for secure e-commerce and confidential communications. CONCERTO 1.6 Just answer a few basic questions about yourself and your car & get car insurance quotes online. Or you have had your policy terminated in the last 3 years. It can be rather confusing, with dealers throwing around terms like excess, co-insurance, and no claim bonus. They even extend to cover the passengers beside you and the premium can be pretty low if you decide to increase the coverage (subject to insurers approval). I am 1. Do not discuss liability. Draughtsman Stall Holder Coach (Sports) With POSB, you now have more options to choose from, whatever your needs may be. It does not diminish your right to contest liability under the law. DO NOT try to start your car as the flood water may damage the engine. So why has my car insurance premium increased? You qualify for NCD60 which gives you 10% additional savings on NCD50 and only available at DirectAsia. It can be done, however, after the policy has lapsed. Naming additional drivers may affect your premium. Or do I purchase the new car and submit a claim? Your Car Policy with Aviva entitles you to free breakdown assistance in Singapore. Enjoy Freedom of Choice: No Workshop Restriction HL Assurance Motor policy gives you the freedom to choose your preferred workshop in Singapore. Select the 3 policies and compare their different features like the amount of excess, coverage, extra benefits, etc. 3. No restrictions on the use of motor workshops. *Note: Experienced adult drivers are aged 30+ with 2 years valid driving licence. Optician Making a claim against motorists from another country can turn out to be costly and time-consuming. Clerk You can cancel this policy at any time by giving us 7 days' notice. New for Old Replacement Crossroad 2.0X I haven't made any claims so why is my renewal premium higher? Accountant Like many other countries, car insurance is a necessity, should you choose to buy a car. Fashion Model CapitaVoucher Campaign Terms and Conditions. 67 Car insurance excess in Singapore. Excess waiver for the in-car camera: Prevent fraud and lower your excess payments by up to S$1,000 when you share your in-car camera's accident footage with us. FR-V 1.7 SE Chemist Self Employed Customisable plans. Applicable to Comprehensive Cover only). Can I protect my No Claim Discount (NCD)? I am companies offer three main types of motor insurance policies; In Singapore, there are two types of motor insurance scheme. Drivers who have held NCD50 status for at least the last five (5) years will get an additional 10% discount on their car insurance base premium, only at DirectAsia! Personal Accident cover of up to S$50,000 for the insured. Signing up is as easy as 1, 2, 3 – you can either get a quote online or call us at 6665 5555! Is my policy still valid if I have carried out modifications to my car? Windscreens and windows are covered against breakage for repairs authorized by us and carried out at the approved workshop. Financial Controller NTUC Income is Singapore's leading provider of Life, Health, Travel & Car Insurance as well as savings, investment and retirement plans. Computer Analyst 18 Two ways of knowing when you are using a secured section of our website is to look for the small padlock symbol in the bottom right hand corner of your browser and secondly the web address in your browser window will start with "https instead of "http".". Accord 2.2 We believe that NCD60 is much fairer, more rewarding and transparent: safer drivers save more with DirectAsia! It is DirectAsia's policy to pay fairly and promptly for all legitimate claims and to carefully consider all claims which suggest 'fronting' so that we can bring more competitive rates to the motoring industry. Established in 2010, Direct Asia is an insurance company that focuses on car and travel insurance. Courtesy car for as long as you need it: We will deliver a courtesy car to you for use while yours is being repaired. Armed Forces (Admin) Feel safe and protected when you drive on the roads. Once a windscreen claim is made, this benefit will terminate unless it is reinstated with an additional premium. 2005, I have a no claim discount of Sale / Purchase Agreement by car dealer stating the details of the sale of the vehicle, and the effective sold date and handover date; LTA Notification Transfer of Ownership for the vehicle. Accounts Assistant Actor/Actress Car Insurance in Singapore, much like COE isn’t a choice. Masseur/Masseuse Get 25% cheaper car insurance! Dental Nurse 51 Eligibility (“Eligible customer”): Customers who purchase FWD Comprehensive Car Insurance Policy (the “Policy”) during the Campaign Period. He should be the person using the car most frequently. Packer INSIGHT 1.3 20 Do I receive a physical new car? DirectAsia Insurance offers car insurance, motorcycle insurance and travel insurance. All your documents are readily available online when you access 'My Account' via DirectAsia. , Upon accident, you are required to provide us the footage of your video camera. 2020 Feefo Platinum Service Award. Feel safe and protected with 24/7 roadside services and high medical coverage. All car insurance companies in Singapore use a guide called the Barometer of Liability Agreement (BOLA) to determine how much each party is liable in an accident. The Policy Owners' Protection Scheme (PPF) protects the interests of policyholders in the event an insurer fails. Fishmonger Even if you don’t want full comprehensive car insurance, at the very least you need to have third- party car insurance to cover damages to someone else’s car or property, or in case they are seriously hurt. Photographer 23 Your own My Account space stores all your insurance documents safely online, and you can change your particulars, including contact information. JADE 1.5 Can I use my friend or family members' credit card to make my premium payment? Congratulations! Odyssey 2.3 Some finance companies require certain levels of insurance cover for the car before they can continue with the finance. Pastor Your NCD cannot be transferred to another person. If you need time to gather more information, the quote will be saved in our system and is valid for 90 days. Optional Coverage with nominal premium: No Claims Discount (NCD) Protector. What if I need to make changes to my personal details? 55 You should check the details with your insurer, but generally, your NCD can be transferred to another vehicle owned by you, but it can’t be applied to more than one vehicle at any point in time. 24 The importance of the accuracy of the main driver is very explicit in the quote process on our site, as it is a fundamental basis for calculating the premium you would pay. Our breakdown lines are open 24/7. Good news if you’ve held NCD50 for at least the last five (5) consecutive years – you qualify for NCD60 and an extra 10% discount on your car insurance base premium. Reinsured by Munich Re, one of the world's leading reinsurers. ; There are, however, cases in which the main driver (the person who uses the car most frequently) hides behind a better profile driver. Policeman 4 years 50%, I have made STREAM 2.0 The economic value is the difference between market value and residual value (COE and PARF). 2020 Car Insurance companies will provide the basic cover of Personal Accident and Medical Benefits. Purchasing a safer new vehicle will lower your premium. Check annual allowable mileage, work use, and young drivers conditions. Named drivers are occasional drivers that you name under the policy. Use our platform to compare your car insurance policies. Boat Man With our excellent service, you can now easily get a quotation or claims assistance when you need one. If you are not at fault and you are able to provide the registration number of the third party vehicle you will only be asked to pay the own damage excess on repairs. Curator (Museum) No: 200822610R). We have to exclude some drivers to keep your premium down Depending on the different car accessory selected, the maximum sum insured can range from $1,000 to $5,000. Fit 1.5 Certain car models are more expensive to insure than others. Architect Anyone can be an authorised driver so long as they are at least 30 years old and with more than 2 years' valid driving licence. Renovation Contractor Female, I have been driving for Welder (Inland) 6 years Librarian Security (Armed) Accord 2.0 The following table shows how the NCD is set by all insurers across the industry. Does DirectAsia tie-up with any agent/dealer that I have to purchase the new car from? Legal Officer ACCORD V6 3.5 Engineer (Electrical / Electronics) What happens if I'm in an accident outside of Singapore? City 1.5 i-VTEC Ford Jeep I needed towing service for my car and they send the towing company real quick. Chef/Cook Engineer (R&D) It is advisable to make a claim on your own insurance policy. We'll be happy to assist. Citroen For more details please go to www.gia.org.sg or www.sdic.org.sg. Executive (Office Based) No, the purpose of my car camera discount is for policyholders to provide the footage of accident events. Finding your ideal car insurance policy does not need to be complicated. Call us at 6532 1818 if you're in Singapore or at +65 6602 3699 if you're overseas. 0 Student Chrysler Surveyor (Others) years old Get details of the officer who attends to the fire and a copy of the fire report. If not, your No Claim Discount (NCD) will be affected. We will only refund via cheque if the original payment method is by cash or cheque. We offer a wide range of insurance solutions from car, travel, maid and life with an instant online quote. Your security matters to us. Are there any trades or professions you don’t insure? Chauffeur As long as you don't go out of Singapore i.e. Fit 1.3 This is for the car insurance company to recognize you for being a careful driver. All modified accessories have to be LTA compliant and/or approved. CIVIC 1.7 We will not replace the solar film or similar as a result of replacing the windscreen unless you have selected the ‘my accessories’ optional benefit or it was standard fitted by the maker/distributor. An authorised workshop is one that has an arrangement with the insurance company and hence the scheme has a lower premium because the insurer has control of the repair cost. Advertising Agent Compare Singapore's Best Car Insurance in 2020. 40% Choosing a DirectAsia car insurance plan means cheaper premiums as you’ll only be opting-in for the features you want Accord Tourer 2.2 SW 50 Accord Tourer 2.0 SW Why must I pay a higher premium when the market value of my vehicle is depreciating? Manager (Office) Mazda Driver (Lorry/Forklift) Technician Receive a transport allowance if your car repair takes longer than expected. 54 2006 Financial Planner/Advisor Only applicable for NCD30, NCD40, NCD50 and NCD60 only. 2012 The key benefits of AIG car insurance are. HR-V 1.5 With a customer satisfaction rating of more than 90%, rest assured that we're constantly looking for better ways to serve you.

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