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fiio fh1 review

Dec 4, 2020 | No Responses

They’re there, just not quite so “in your face”. Not sure why you’re using the word “stupid”, but I guess you need to read reviews better first. The Fiio FH1 … I could ride budget to $150 if there is other model really worth. One design element has been carried over to the FH1 from the F9 Pro, and that’s in the form of red and blue markers on the shell to indicate which side is left and which is right. This review won't be very very detailed, as I've reviewed the F9 & F9 Pro already so … Another change is that the FH1 has a brass nozzle. Hola, ¿El fh1 será buen complemento para un shanling m0? As for FH1, yes, it’ll sound very nice with it but for AK70 you can try to get better IEMs. Instrument separation: 8 / 10 Therefore, this is not something that I can criticize, especially when this one has a lower price than the other two. Hello Sir Berkhan, I have a Sony NW-A45. Bass & Sound clarity. However, even if you can’t find the right fit, the FH1’s nozzle can accommodate the use of various 3rd party eartips. Bluetooth: – Thanks for the review! In terms of CONSTRUCTION, it’s not very impressive and uses the very same plastic housing than FIIO FH1 and JADE AUDIO EA1. With these two being available, there’s no point getting the F9, since it has problems in its sound presentation, especially sibilance. It is priced at $269.99. Relatively low power required: 9 / 10 Thanks. Basic Rating: 9.1, Bonus points This is an easy 5 star review. FiiO FH1 vs FiiO F5 Review FIT. But I can definitely recommend the IT01 a little more and I’ll go in detail in its review of course. Hey Mike, I can promise you that I have nothing against classical music! Relative value: 9 / 10 Quality control: 10 / 10 The FiiO FH1s is a development of their FH1 model and is their currently lowest priced model at $69. Disclaimer: The FiiO FH1 was sent me from FiiO directly as a review sample. First things first.......let's get the entry right. Sony NW-WM1A “K” Modded, FW 2.0 IEMs 1. With around-the-ear memory wires and a smooth, ergonomically shaped shell, the FH5 fit perfectly in the … It’s not in my possession. Compared to the F9 models, this one brings a fresh look to the table. I currently own a pair of Klipsch X4i, however I’m looking to upgrade and these seem to be a good buy in the <100$ range. I think this model, the FiiO FH1, is a result of that strategy. Many thanks for the answers. Can you tell me if the FH1 would be a good match with the Astell & Kern AK70? Maybe I have a desire. If sound isolation in a priority, then go for the FH5. Good job. Premium cables: – A great sounding IEM is still great sounding even when a shiny new pair is released. Manufacturers releasing IEMs with 1 or 2 drivers is very common lately, and the FH1 is no exception. If you have the budget FH1 would sound way better than Sony with your fiio X1. Relatively balanced signature: YES Fiio FH1s is the latest entry in Fiio’s rich in-ear portfolio, here to carry the torch instead of the older FH1 model. They are super similar in size and shape, but differ in their sound signatures. This is not totally surprising, seeing as FiiO is the parent-company of Jade Audio, but what is interesting is that the EA3 was announced and released before the FH1. Is there significant sound quality difference? Nothing is recessed and nothing is overly forward. I never listened to the M6 Pro but if you’re going to change your earphones, it would be better to select a higher level one. Besides, if the F9 had more bass, I would hate it. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. 8 Comments Grant Murdock says: 2018/12/08 at 3:10 pm Hi, I’ve enjoyed reading the review for the FIIO M7 player. VSonic GR0737th Anniversary Edition 4. Only one last thing, which MMCX balanced 2.5mm TRRS cable do you recommend for IT01, as it’s not included as stock? I never listened the Brainwavz one, but between FH1 and IT01 I would recomment the IT01 most definitely. However, if you want more thickness and warm energy, go with the SE… This review won't be very very detailed, as I've reviewed the F9 & F9 Pro … FiiO FH1 2. KZ ZS10 Albums Listened 1. Sure, both F9 models do have a more apparent detail retrieval in the top end, but that aspect simply comes down to how those details are portrayed, rather than saying that they’re able to grab details that somehow go missing on the FH1. In fact, judging from frequency response graphs posted online, you could argue that the FH1 actually has a more balanced signature than both the regular F9 and that of the F9 Pro. The FH1 ushered in a watershed moment for FiiO hybrids, with exquisite attention to detail across aesthetics, comfort, and sound regardless of price. Of Monsters and Men – My Head is an Animal 9. Especially with the blue version it looks very stylish. A kind of audio-holic. R… With the price of 69$, it hits that sweet spot of being affordable, yet managing to offer some interesting technical solutions. – Headfonia Lieven. Even so, it’s understandable based on the lower price level. First off, the bass response at the lower frequencies is exceptional for IEMs. Hi,I’m currently using the Mee audio M6 Pro,it is worth to changed to the fh1? Let me quote them from the product page: To achieve the highest sound quality possible, we put the Knowles balanced armature inside the sound tube (to minimize its distance to ear) made of brass (with its higher density than aluminum). Amber Rubarth – Sessions from the 17th Ward 2. Happy Christmas to me? Pairs of eartips above 3 pairs: 3 But, the new iBasso IT01 is excellent for 100$. Learn how your comment data is processed. As a result the F9-series is extremely comfortable and can easily be worn for hours on end. Without making this review … I really like their much bigger and easier to read … FH1 is a premium IEM compared to Sony and are very decently price. Unless you use an EQ to get rid of it, it can become quite fatiguing quite quickly. FiiO supplies several tips with the package but it doesn’t contain the foam tips I mentioned above. FiiO FH1 Dual Driver Hybrid Review. Fans of the balanced architecture will be glad to know that Fiio has not skimped out on the FH1 in this regard. These correspond with the coloured rings on the housings of the MMCX connectors on the cables. Microphonics: 9 / 10 FiiO FH1. Do you suggest an amplifier or N5ii? But FH1 is how much better than the sony? Thanks for the reply. Ed Sheeran – Divide 6. No I haven’t, but considering these models are best from FiiO yet, FH1 should be much better than the EX1 mk2. Hi all, How about Fiio FH1 VS. Vsonic GR07 (37 anniversary or Classic)? Simplistic expressions of sound in his reviews is the way to go for him. The F9 is good but the trebles are a little too sharp/bright, the highs on FH1 is a lot better, especailly for us non-audiophile. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. The FH1’s packaging is quintessential of Fiio. More than 3 pairs of eartips included: YES Good to have a detailed informative review at this price point. Protective case: YES, Build This “marriage” … Generally speaking, their DAPs hold good bang-for-buck value, but their IEMs perhaps even more so. Unboxing experience is quite good, product box is quite thick. I suspect that more people would like the FH1’s sound over that of the F9-series. . Daft Punk – Random Access Memories 5. This would add a lot of colour to my life. Thanks for the review! The company claims that FH1s features a … Volume/remote controls: YES If you’re on a budget, the Fiio FH1s are an excellent option. This housing shape and design is sufficient for a nice and good isolating fit, which was proven many times in the past from different brands as well. Hi! Hi Sir, I have Sony xb50ap. Picture Sunday: iFi Audio Gemini & Mercury. A win would make me so happy. Detail retrieval: 8 / 10 I will buy this earphone in near future but I don’t have any music player without my phone (Xiaomi Mi5). Disclaimer: The FiiO FH1 was sent me from FiiO directly as a review sample. FiiO FH1 is not a new IEM for sure, it is almost a 9-month-old earphone, but has a lot of potential and worth to talk about it. I tend to use foam tips for a snug fit and good amount of isolation. Hard to say really. however, that’s not to say that it has a “flat” response – it’s still got a slight v-shape response – but it’s got a balanced signature with some added warmth. Using an amp with the phone is not the best portable solution for me. Just go for it. The FiiO FH1 has the same shape as the F9 Series, but the housing is now different for both looks & material. All of this results in a natural, yet effortless sound. 10mm isn’t even 10% larger than 9.2mm…so where Fiio gets this 25.7% figure from is beyond me. Haven't earned it, don't deserve it but would love to own it. But when we consider sheer fidelity, then perhaps the low end is boosted just a little bit too much, which means that the bass area can bleed into the mids just a tad. The TECH MERIT rating system is designed to take as many aspects of the device into account as possible. Honestly for the $75 asking price of the FH1, it’s an absolute steal of a deal. I think the M3S would be a much better pair. Soundstage: 8 / 10 I am realy enjoying while I was reading. BLOG: The Fav Album Of…. Now that Amazon has the blue version in stock, I might give it a try. It’s not a theory, it’s an opinion and you can always buy the F9 if you want to. The ME100, on the other hand, … Thanks! Pretty nice for making things easier. Check back for my next Monday review and I'll include a reference or two for you :…, BLOG: The Fav Album Of…. I would definitely recommend the N5II to you, as it’s one of the best price / performance players around. So that means we’ll have somewhat similar quality & control of the F9 Pro. But, until then, the FH1 is Fiio's true star, in my opinion. Fleetwood Mac – Rumours 7. Hiss: 9 / 10, Portability Driver configuration: Hybrid (10mm Dynamic driver + Balanced Armature driver) The bass on the FH1 is perfect, there's enough to get you tapping your … The thing with both the F9 and F9 Pro is that sharp treble spike in the treble area. I just wanted to ask if you’re able to compare the FH1 with the Fiio F5 as well? Hi, very nice comprehensive review. I went with bose for sweat proof and comfort. It would be really interesting to see what the result would be if Fiio could create an IEM that sat (signature-wise) between the FH1 and F9-series. Mids feel a bit in the front sometimes but this is not overly … Premium look and feel: – You can also compare these with the ibasso t01? Fantastic review, I always think this last one can’t be improved but you do it one after the other. I have a gen 1 pair of EX1 (made by Dunu) and the FH1s are far superior. The build quality feels slightly lighter than more expensive pairs, and them materials used in the diaphragm aren’t quite to the standard of some of Fiio’s more premium offerings, but the sound quality is outstanding. Sound wise IT01 has better treble, better resolution and separation and better tonal balance. The FD1 is a single dynamic driver iem featuring a 10mm beryllium plated unit with a N50 dual magnetic circuit that delivers 55% stronger magnetic field than traditional designs resulting in an … Thanks for responding! I listened the GR07 years ago. It is priced at $59.99 Disclaimer: The FiiO FH1s … The Fiio FH1s is an excellent pair of IEMs. The current price of this model is 74,99$. Inside it, a nice user manual can be found, from which last 7 pages are in English. Whether it is a full frame camera or a custom in-ear, his standpoint persists the same. Overall, both the FiiO FH1 and the Shure SE215 are great options for those looking for an affordable pair of IEMs with a detachable MMCX connector. The only noticeable differences are that the F9-series has the “ripple” design on the housing, whereas the look of the FH1’s housing is supposed to somewhat mimic an eye, according to Fiio. Cheers, I can’t recommend a specific cable for that, you should do a research and pick one. It’s pretty smooth, and enjoyable. That's what I'm planning…, I haven't won yet and I'm already thinking about buying spares tubes. Disclaimer: The FiiO FH5 sent to us for the purposes of this review is a sample and does not have to be returned. As mentioned in the review of the Jade Audio EA3, the FH1s shares some very obvious similarities with it. Macy Gray – Stripped 8. Regardless of the price 25$ price difference which would you choose? that is good for me. I wouldn’t compare with such a distant memory. FiiO FH1 are dual, hybrid In-Ear-Monitors combining a dynamic 10mm titanium driver taking care of low frequencies and a Knowles balanced armature driver producing mids and highs. Why would the F9 be obsoleted by the FH1? When it comes to value, Fiio honestly is a super strong contended in the world of portable Hi-Fi products. 5,990 online and features detachable cables, a premium design, and a nifty waterproof case. A total of  pairs of silicone eartips are included, which are of various styles and sizes. The FH1, on the other hand, is perhaps even more comfy than that. The FH1 are an over-the-ear cabling style IEM with an organic driver housing that Fiio refers to as Un Belle Oeil, which is French for “A Beautiful Eye.” They’re available in four colors, and I … I recommend that one. IT01 has a better fit and ergonomics. I was thinking to buy Cayin N5ii but now I thing to buy a amplifier for my mobile phone with Fiio FH1. The small improvements made on the F9 Pro are also included here: Cables have red & blue colors around the connectors and the earpieces have L&R marks which are easy to see. Fiio FH1s (SGD$100) vs predecessor Fiio FH1 (SGD$135) A little disclaimer: I do not currently own this set and impressions are based on my memory of it while I had my hands on them. I’ve talked about all three models and their differences in terms of looks and design. Do you have any guess on how well the Shanling M2s should pair with the FH1 considering its fairly high output impedance of 4.8Ω? The FiiO FH1 has a hybrid setup, sporting a 10mm dynamic driver for the lows and a balanced armature driver (Knowles 33518) for the higher frequencies. I’m using RHA MA750 and wanna change it bcz i don’t like its fit. Actually the package is exactly the same as with the original F9: One stock cable with mic and in line controls, one 2.5mm balanced cable which sounds better than the stock cable, 6 pairs of ear tips and the carrying case which I loved from the start. This one has 1 larger Dynamic driver + 1 Balanced Armature driver, instead of the 1+2 setup of the F9 Series. Thank you. Beck – Sea Change 4. The blue colored version looks to me the coolest, but I got a black variant to review. I would be tickled pink to win this and look and forward to making my friends green with envy. The fit and isolation is the same as the F9 and the F9 Pro. Sibilance: 10 / 10 The basic rating rates the product purely as a high quality portable audio device, and is generally a good indicator of how it stacks up to its rivals in terms of standard features and specs. How premium the case looks and feels: 8 / 10 These or the Massdrop Nuforce EDC 3? He tries to keep his photography enthusiasm at the same level with audio. This is all about personal taste of course but I like all these IEMs from FiiO looks-wise. And I have to say, the housing doesn’t feel cheap in any way, and it has its own advantages like the reduced weight to have a more comfortable fit. Seems durable: YES I don’t know maybe I won’t use portable music player. I am an audiophile, jazz collector, gadget crazy music maker and consumer. Seasons greetings to you all. Small size: 10 / 10 Thank you to FiiO … Oddly enough, Fiio states that the 10mm Titanium diaphragm of the dynamic driver used in the FH1 is 25.7% larger than the 9.2mm dynamic driver used in the F9-series. Silicone doesn’t do very good for me with these IEMs. Included Accessories It now has a silver elliptic frame -which looks very cool- and its made from plastic material this time around. I would always recommend a dedicated DAP. In a general sense, the SE215 has a warmer sound and the FH1 has a brighter, clearer sound. I’m bringing the whole family in. The process of finding the best fit is always going to be a personal matter though. The stock cable works very well with smartphones, and overall the IEMs are very easy to work with. Now the new thing here is the nozzle itself. He enjoys a fine single malt along with his favourite Jazz recordings. This is,apparently, not just a design choice, but it actually a completely functional design which plays a big part in the tuning of the FH1. Art Pepper – Modern Jazz Classics 3. Apt-X: – Number of cables included: 2 I will listen to music on Spotify or Tidal. The FH1S is a newly developed earphone that takes as a base the original FiiO FH1, itself highly acclaimed by many in the audio community, and further improves the sound to greater heights. FiiO has been in the news nowadays for releasing a new audio product every now and then, and this time they have brought us a new pair of hybrid earphones, pair which is an upgrade to one of their previous very famous model, The FiiO FH1s, comes as an updated version for FiiO FH1.. Removable cables: YES In the case of POP music like Demi Lovato, Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, which one would suit the best or would both perform well this style? I would’ve loved to see a higher quality comment. I just want to know how’s it perform against other dap’s. Thanks.. Hi Durga You can’t compare Sony XB 50 ap with fiio FH1. Overall the FH1 has a more agreeable signature. Have you compared them? The material chosen for the nozzle is brass, which is not a regular material we see with IEMs. FH1 would be very good with the N3, they’ll make a nice pair. Thanks for recommendation, I will go with IT01. The best point about the FH1S is its coherency and balance across the spectrum. I was trying to get something below the $200 range, but I will certainly consider the iBasso recommendation. An amp like this demands high quality headphones - ordinary ones just won't work with it, it could be dangerous, it'll set the place on fire. So if you want an earphone with more clarity in the high end, as well as an option to listen with a balanced cable, go with the FH1. A couple of weeks or so ago, I left a comment on the video, wondering if the FH1 is enough of an upgrade from the Fiio EX1 2nd generation to consider purchasing. Aircraft adapter: – Sound stage is almost the same. If you have the AK70, I recommend to raise your budget and go for a little more premium IEM. The Fiio FH1 retails at Rs. Competitive price-point: YES I am waiting for the coming HiBy R3 DAP. If they could make something that got rid of the treble spike of the F9-series, and tightened up the bass of the FH1, they’d be on to a real winner. A large image of the FH1 (in blue) is splashed across the front along with the Knowles logo to hint at the Knowles 33518 BA driver employed in the FH1. Cable management: YES OK,…, I can think of no better present than this at Christmas. iLounge > Reviews > Review: Fiio FH1 In-Ear Headphones iLounge is an independent provider of information about Apple Inc.’s iPod, iPhone and iPad digital media players, accessories, … That’s obviously not pretty for early F9 owners, but that’s only my opinion. Luckily, my computer still has a headphone jack (for now), and FiiO sent along the M9 hi-res digital music player for me to check out as well. Finally, I believe you need to have a baseline to do the review, at least for the audiophile beginners (the targeted market of FH1) because they have not tried much headphones, they got no idea what is good or bad, then by reviewing … Thanks and congrats. To me the F9 is obsoleted because of the FH1 AND the F9 Pro models. Fiio FH1 pair it with fiio K3 it will be good? This would be my very first dedicated music player if … If Fiio created an IEM that sat (signiture-wise) between the FH1 and F9-series, something that got rid of the treble spike of the F9-series, and tightened up the bass of the FH1, they'd be on to a real winner. I will use the selected one connected to the 2.5mm TRRS balanced output, playing Tidal and listening 70’s classical and progressive rock and jazz guitar. Don’t know about the RHA I’m afraid. Sometimes photography wins, sometimes his love for music takes him over and he puts that camera aside. Let’s focus on that in the sound section though. Of course one thing that many people would want to know is not only what the FH1’s sonic character is like, but perhaps more importantly is how it compares to the regular F9. Frankly, it … So this IEM maybe is the cheapest of the three, but it’s definitely no slouch. FiiO FH1s - Review Friday, January 31, 2020Edit this post FiiO FH1s specs: from 5Hz to 40KHz frequency response, 26 ohms impedance, 106dB sensitivity, 1 dynamic driver (13.6mm) + 1 BA … hello friend, I am in doubt between Fiio F9 PRO and Fiio FH1. The FiiO FH5 is their new hybrid quad driver top of the line In-Ear Monitor. Sorry in advance for the focusing, it was a one-off problem and it won’t happen again. Metal body: – The final rating, however, grants bonus points for any extra features and specs that aren’t quite as common, and is a great way to judge the product as a complete package. Isolation: 9 / 10 It also doesn’t have the small zipper bag which comes supplied with the F9 Pro. Have you made a review for this? Final Rating: 9.5, AudioCast M5 Wireless Sound Streamer Review, Light Speaker is a portable lantern-like Bluetooth speaker, Apple Announces The Powerful Arm-based M1 Chip, B&O Golden Collection celebrates company’s 95th bday, Braun Audio is back with the LE speakers range, OnePlus 9 release date, specs, design rumors, Samsung Galaxy S21 release date, specs, design rumors, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 release date, specs rumors, Movies And Series On Netflix December 2020, Nokia 8 Sirocco, 7 Plus, and 6.1 Review VS iPhone X, Bose QC30 noise cancelling headphones Unboxing Video, AudioEngine HD 3 Bluetooth Speakers Video Unboxing, Fiio EX1 2nd Gen In Ear Headphones Review, Driver configuration: Hybrid (10mm Dynamic driver + Balanced Armature driver). Bluetooth connection quality: – I’ll evaluate the sound shortly, but this brass nozzle looks just beautiful and gives quite a premium look. DAP 1. Also, they thought using the BA driver inside the nozzle is a good idea. Paired with the LC-BT2s, you can even cut the cord. Hi, it is worth to upgrade to these earphones from the akg that comes with the galaxy s8? But, the BA driver is also Knowles branded, like the F9 Pro. pls reply me.. As we’ve come to expect, Fiio has included an HB1 waterproof case, as well as a number of various eartips. Thank you for nice review. Different reviewers unfortunately. Battery life above 8 hours: – Only the F9 Pro model comes with those. The plastic looks a little cheap and fragile, though the … Sony is a commercial earphone brand with extra bass, it doesn’t gives you the clear bass with the miss and low fadding away. Looks like FiiO are not only interested in releasing IEMs, but also in diversifying them to appeal to larger crowds with different price levels. The current price of this model is 74,99$. One aspect of the design of the F9-series is just how darn well Fiio were able to create an exceptionally ergonomic shape for the housing. Therefore I don’t want to buy expensive DAP. Which one do you recommend? Fiio are quite invested in the whole “balanced” game, and as such the norm has been for them to include both a 3.5mm single ended cable as well as a 2.5mm balanced cable with the earphones. FH1 or IT01 which will be good to pair with Shanling M0? FiiO EX1 2nd Generation 3. Is it worth upgrading from Bose SoundSport wire to Fiio FH1? I don’t have the Nuforce. I picked mine from gurgaon and love them. As such, we have a basic rating, as well as a final rating. In terms of design, the actual shape of the FH1 is nearly identical to that of the F9-series. For all three latest models from FiiO, you can check out my video post below if you haven’t seen it yet. My around $100 shortlist to pair with this device is composed of iBasso IT01, FiiO FH1 and Brainwavz B200. How you think it will sound with the Cayin N3? I don’t think so. Use of exotic materials: – Can you compare it with FH1, or have any suggestions for my next purchase. FiiO FH1s Review The FiiO FH1s is a hybrid entry-level universal monitor featuring a 13.6mm dynamic driver and a single Knowles BA driver. The Fiio FH1 is a dual-driver in-ear monitor headphone, packing a balanced armature driver from Knowles. Yes, it’s got the same overall shape, but perhaps because the FH1’s housing is made of plastic rather than metal, the reduced weight certainly does seem to aid in a more comfortable and effortless fit. Also, it has its own distinguishing features, such as a slightly bigger dynamic bass driver and unique nozzle design. A keen audiophile and hobby photographer, Berkhan is after absolute perfection. But, until then, the FH1 is Fiio’s true star, in my opinion. The FH1S is technically superior to the FH1 … The product described in this article was provided by the manufacturer for the purpose of review. That’s a pretty stupid theory. Will it arrive in time? The FH1 marked the first time I was genuinely interested in FiiO IEMs and my inaugural review … You see, instead of mounting the BA driver inside the actual shell, Fiio has gone ahead and mounted it inside the actual nozzle. An addition to the FH1 is that the inside parts of the earpieces also have blue & red colors for matching the cables with the IEMs. Unfortunately, I didn’t use it much since this isn’t a review … If your answer is a amplifier which one? Comfort: 10 / 10, Sound Weight: 10 / 10, Value Downgrading from full aluminum to plastic is of course not great, but I saw many IEMs made from ABS material while having much higher price brackets than the FH1. I was hoping the review would be of higher quality than the YouTube video, but…. Interchangeable filter system: – – Headfonia Store aka Michael Ting! At the same time I also think that their starter of this new series – the F9 – is slowly becoming somewhat obsolete. So much so that, for everyday listening, I personally enjoy the sound of the FH1 more than that of the the entire F9-series. There’s currently around $15 price difference between the two. Certain brands used this material before, but FiiO decided to use it exclusively for the nozzle. 1/4” adapter included: – The bottom end is definitely boosted quite a bit more than in the F9-series, reaching in deep and hitting pretty hard. I was not sure if it’s worth to spend the time and work to do a review of an IEM … Hang on, I'm just going to read the rules again. I have a tinaudio T2 and wanted to upgrade.

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