Where do you draw the line on promoting development/economy growth?

Jun 13, 2012 | No Responses

We are seeing a growth in new construction permits mainly in apartment and multi-family dwellings which will put many back to work and help local economy but where do you draw the line? City of Wilmington voluntarily accepted 27 acres by Marsh Oaks community to develop this property into apartments. The county would not allow them to increase the density but the City of Wilmington will allow them to increase it. Marsh Oaks complained about traffic, location of 3 story buildings next to the communities 1 story homes and location of the apartment trash bins at the entrance of Marsh Oaks entrance. And now there is another complex proposed for Porters Neck. BUT THE REAL QUESTIONS IS WHAT IS THE AFFECT ON THE SCHOOLS? INFRASTRUCTURE SYSTEM? Both are at capacity and who is going to pay for these items to be improved? Both County and City state that they are not collecting enough taxes to keep up. So do we allow City/County to increase our taxes so that the developers can make more money and increase the problems for this area? I’m for new construction and jobs but there has to be a balance so that the schools, infrastructure, traffic and overall appeal of the area is protected. I would like to know your comment about it.

For more information about the new proposed apartments/townhomes in Porter’s Neck check out the article from Star-New http://www.starnewsonline.com/article/20120612/ARTICLES/120619928&tc=email_newsletter?p=3&tc=pg


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