Proposed Tax Rates for New Hanover County & Beaches

Aug 8, 2012 | No Responses

It’s almost time for the New Hanover County Tax Office to start sending out the 2012 tax bills, payable December 31, 2012. I have learned that the projected tax rates for the County and area Municipalities.  They are as follows:
Based on per $100 valuation:
New Hanover County:  $0.554
Wilmington City:  $0.45
Wrightsville Beach: $0.133
Carolina Beach:  $0.235
Kure Beach:  $0.2615
Fire District:  $0.079
Example: Property Tax Value: $335,000 in NHC & Wilmington.  Tax Rate: .554 + .45 = $1.004 per $100 valuation.  $3,350 x $1.004 = $3,363.40 property tax.
Please note that these are projected rates.  The County is still evaluating over 2,200 tax appeals and have meetings scheduled until completion, possibly in early November. As I understand it that once bills will start going out in September/October for the properties that have not appealed values with remaining to follow after values for appealed properties have been set.

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