Home Remodeling Surge Coming: Here’s Why

Sep 9, 2015 | No Responses

Home Remolding Surge – Have you noticed that your neighbors are remolding instead of buying in the new neighborhood up the street? While some new neighborhoods are putting more features into new homes to help with accessibility for aging population, they are not meeting all their needs. This article talks about how folks are remolding and getting the features they want in their homes. We have starting see this in Wilmington within the last year or so. Some has been for aging population but most is for owners wanting to stay in established areas that are close to amenities and great school district. So sellers if you are thinking about renovating before you put your house on the market, talk with an agent to see how your house compares to others in the market. Here’s more information from the article link below: Remodeling Surge

Remodeling Surge

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